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At Clare’s House, our mission is to offer pet owners peace of mind, knowing that their family pet will not be abandoned or neglected if they outlive their family. 


To achieve this mission, Clare’s House depends on the kindness of others to open their homes and hearts to foster another family’s beloved family pet on a temporary basis.  By ensuring a family’s beloved pet will be well-cared for, loved, and treated with kindness, our foster families help us deliver on our promise.


Since our mission is to help families, our pets in need are not considered rescued or lost – they are just moving from one family to another as a beloved family pet.  Our foster families help bridge the gap between the family who has to make the difficult decision to relinquish their beloved pet and either the next family who will offer a forever home, or a permanent place on the couch at Clare’s House Residential Center!  We believe with Clare’s House focusing on taking care of families (along with our love of dogs!) our model makes fostering  much easier and a more positive experience. 

  • Clare’s House builds our own network of foster families who are passionate about providing loving and safe homes.

  • Our dogs awaiting foster are the beloved members of someone’s family, and do not come from rescues, shelters, or pounds.

  • A Clare’s House dedicated Care Coordinator will be your point of contact throughout your fostering experience.  Your Care Coordinator will partner with you to ensure you have all the resources you need to welcome a foster pet into your home. 

  • Will you need assistance with food, treats, toys, health care, or other pet-related expenses for your foster?  At Clare’s House, our volunteers and donors can provide resources and supplies if needed.

  • As a member of the Clare’s House family, our veterinary services group may be able to assist or provide care if needed.

  • Dogs will be medically screened and arrive at their new foster home with all shots and vaccines needed to ensure the health and well-being of the dog, any pets you may have, and you and your family.

Are you or someone you know open to being the next caretaker for the beloved pet of a family who can no longer function in that capacity themselves?


Do you have extra supplies or resources available to donate to Clare’s House to assist other foster families to provide exceptional care?  (Blankets, toys, food, treats, kennels, etc.)

If you love dogs or desire to help families in need, or both, become a foster family with Clare’s House!  Contact Matt Podjeski at to explore fostering or getting involved!


Our foster care model is different and is based on our mission, where offering peace of mind for families drives our entire program.


Clare’s House depends on the kindness of others to open their homes