Our Mission

Our mission is to offer an orphaned family pet a forever home and provide a safe haven for the surrendered senior pet.  Every pet deserves a second chance.

We are self funded and raise money through donations, fund raisers, estate planning and events with established pet charities.​


Norm Vogel (Bowser and Sophie) is the inspiration for Clare's House.  After Norm's partner passed away and also his loving pets, Taco and the cats, Norm questioned whether it was fair to future pets to provide them a loving home knowing that as he aged there was a chance that the family pets may out live him. Who would take care of them after he died?  It was that simply statement that became the inspiration for Clare's House.  As you can see from the photo Norm made that decision to not live the rest of his life without furry kids.  Bowser and Sophie were both puppies when Norm rescued them and yet it would seem unfair to not mention that they, Bowser and Sophie, also rescued him.  Their lives seem so strong, heart warming and complete. Bowser and Sophie are both over 10 years old and Norm is 90 years young.  My most wonderful Uncle Norm has been assured that no family pet would be left behind if I could help it. Clare's House was named after my mother Clare Ann McGinty, who lost her battle with lung cancer in 2009.  With your help and support we can make this a real home...where no family pet is left behind.  I love you Uncle Norm...we can make this difference - we need to keep the family pet with their human as long as we can. Thanks for helping me find my direction in life, Uncle Norm.