I'll never forget the day we met. We both knew that we needed each other yet you seemed sad. Who will take care of me if something were to happen to you


I know you are afraid because we are both a little up there in years.  We don't know what will happen or who will cross the rainbow bridge first, but if I go first,  I will be waiting for you.  And if you go first,  I know you will never be at peace unless you know that I am being taken care of on this heavenly earth.


For now we can stay side by side as long as we possibly can thanks to Clare's House. That nice volunteer from Clare's House will come and walk me when you can't hold the leash anymore, bring my medicine I need ... if you ever have to decide between my medicine and yours, and they will bring my food if you need help.  If the day comes that we need to be separated, those nice volunteers will keep me warm, fed and loved.  They will bring me to your side for special visits, help me during my sad days and they will always take care of me just like you woul.

But today we are together and every day is the best day of my life. Tomorrow, we'll have peace of mind  with Clare's House, so let's live for today